Welcome to the website. My name is Adam Landes and I am the trader, coder, and portfolio manager at foundationforex.


After some 20 years as a finance professional, I now make a living from my investments and from trading the forex and futures markets, with my own capital and client funds. 


I trade two main strategies (SLINGSHOT and SENTIMENT), both fully automated. The algorithms aim to systematically identify "what, where, when" price-action triggers. Additionally, both systems incorporate a money management overlay. The new
FOUNDATION strategy combines the 
systems with an additional discretionary overlay. 


I work out of home offices in London and Mallorca. If you want to find out more, email info@foundationforex.com, reach me via Twitter (@foundationforex), or use the form below.

I can be reached via email at info@foundationforex.com.