My name is Adam Landes and I am the trader, coder, and portfolio manager at foundationforex.


After some 20 years as a finance professional, I now make a living from my investments and from trading the forex and futures markets, with my own capital and client funds. 

I work out of home offices in London and Mallorca.


I trade a variety of strategies (SLINGSHOT, SENTIMENT, and MASTERCANDLE). All these strategies are fully automated and the algorithms aim to sistematically identify "what, where, when" price action triggers. Additionally, all the systems incorporate a money managemnet overlay. I am also a partner in, which offers the CASSANDRA system.


I work out of home offices in London and Mallorca. If you want to find out more, email, reach me via Twitter (@foundationforex), or use the form below.

I can be reached via email at